Basic Computer Skills

Learn how to switch your computer on and off, correctly use a mouse, basic typing using the keyboard, opening and closing programs, saving and printing your work.

Microsoft Office Programmes

Basic word processing (typing and personalising letters, documents etc)
Basic Desktop Publishing (posters, invitations, handouts etc.)

Email *

Set up and use your own personal email.

Internet *

Learn to ‘surf the net’ easily and safely and check out some interesting websites.

Internet shopping/banking *

Why not let the shops come to you?
Keep control of your finances from the comfort of home.
No more queues!

Social networking: *

Facebook, Skype etc
Keep in touch with friends and family the easy way.

Digital photography

Download photos from camera to computer and make changes to them.
Find out what else you can do with them.

*courses marked with a star will need internet access – we can help you to set this up if necessary. All courses will benefit from internet access.